Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Couponing in today's couponing world

One of my fun hobbies is extreme couponing. I just love to go to the store and walk away with everything for FREE! My blog is a lifestyle blog and farming, couponing, PR and all the techie stuff and everyting else God puts in our path is certainly a large gamet but you can pull many things together if you "Organize" yourself. Our work is our play. I want to encourage you to "tune in" to my blog everyday to see how We are doing all this so you can safe "THOUSANDS" of dollars and help your family.. not just in couponing but in many other little things.. homemade recipes, sweepstaking, freebie finding, coupons, etc.. 

Please feel free also to send us your questions at RuthieNewsToday@gmail.com and we will be happy to answer as many as we can via video or here on the blog :)

Okay ... On to couponing...
With all the issues surrounding coupons many have 
"LEFT THE GAME" I say... don't do it! ... RIDE OUT THE TIDE and just "adjust your couponing ". Coupons are MONEY ... and companies need to see that consumers still want them. I personally will only buy from companies that connect with me PERSONALLY! I want giving companies and companies I can contact. If I can't even contact them on their website.. I feel they probably don't care that much ... or if you can't even phone them.. just imagine.. You are doing business as a Business owner  with a company that you can't contact.. I wouldn't do that! You are the CEO of your household... be smart! I also want to work with companies that are GIVING... coupons, sweepstakes, samples, etc... I truly believe "The liberal soul shall be made fat" Find me a giving company and I will show you a success one.. A great example to me is PEPSI. As big as they are I can contact them.. they give coupons have promotions, etc...  I understand there are lots of Mom and Pop shops out there.. but I think they get big by doing the same things coupons, drawings, promotions,  and their buyers can contact them! So why all this in my couponing thoughts.. Because I want YOU to be in the driver's seat as the CEO of your home. Your the boss ..  You choose where your money is spent for your family business so to speak.. we need to get back to the place our parents were.. we RUN our homes .. like I used to tell my big team (approx 1000) when I was in sales.. THE CUSTOMER CHOOSES WHO THEY WANT TO WORK WITH NOT YOU ... their sales goals..as some sales people would get mad at others because a customer wanted to buy from another rep) . WE choose not the company.. So... take this attitude .. start to choose the companies you want to buy from .. the products.. BUY the best you can swing.. and bring your family up a level each year as you "take control" ... FREE is only good if your family is dancing and happy.. but if your family has to use paper towels that fall apart when you use them.. or eat boxed macaroni and cheese that tastes terrible you really aren't living the high luxury life you could but really in my opinion just doing the opposite.. it isn't a plus.. so stick around.. now to help you get started..  This week .. for kicks try not to buy anything without a google search for a coupon or coupon  code or free .. example  FREE SODA for May 2014 see if you get any hits ... and print coupons or go for a coupon code.. and on Sunday pick up a newspaper or two...  stay tuned for more on this.. and feel free to email your questions to me.. One final thought on couponing.. If you love FREE ... Couponing is one of the best way to get free stuff on the planet.. and YOU ARE IN THE DRIVER's seat !    Go over to my main blog for updates on couponing.. deals, etc..  and more information http://www.PopleBackyardFarm.Blogspot.com

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