Wednesday, March 5, 2014

putting on my sunglasses to travel the world


Live frugally who needs a vacation when you can travel the world from your seat!

I am not going on any big vacations this year, and I don't need to with a great book in my hands like Lynne Martin's "HOME SWEET ANYWHERE" Lynn and her husband Tim look at each other one day and decide to sell their home and to live all over the world. They look for a new home for their Jack Russell and their furniture and of course telling all the people they knew about their decision. As they were traveling around the world they joke and say the thing they missed was their FURNITURE as they didn't have a piece in their travels  that felt  great with their bodies. I enjoyed stories of the glorious Turkey Spices.  Getting some odd sleeping nites ending up in a bad place to live followed by a gorgeous pampering stay. I loved how they enjoyed meeting people and the "foodie" talk such as the meals in Ireland with  pasta and mashed potatoes. A refreshing read so put on your sunhat , and slip into your floral shirt and sit in front of a sunny window with your sunglasses on for this goodie you are about to see the world! If you are a real traveler or a arm chair traveler you will find this a must.  To purchase go to

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