Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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enjoy this vintage post from our home page  8/13 
I hope you are taking advantage of all the free online classes we are offering. We want to teach lifeskills to our friends (that means YOU!) to bless your life. We just feel that this is the direction the Lord is leading us to bless your life with. 

I will be making a tab so that you can just click on any of the previous classes and have the material handy so you can review or share them with your friends so they can learn too. 

Meet ChefmanRussell ... he's a member of the Pople Backyard Farm and our son. He helps us with everything around here but does a lot of cooking for us! He is a college graduate with a degree in Graphic Design. He is currently working with a Chef in the best restaurant in our town! You will see Russell in our videos and he also is working with us in our FALL's BEST PRODUCTS TOUR as we share these with you!

Here is a very small "sampling of some of the Products that we recommend you purchase for this  out this fall" 

Super Smile
Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish Puffs 
Thermacell Mosquito Lantern
Mrs. Wages Spices
Gold Fish Mac and Cheese
JD's Salsa
Smart Fab
Wise Emergency Foods
Concord Caramel Apple Wrap

The product we would like to highlight today is 

We are loving this. Our product team loves when we cook up some goodies! Very easy to do.. Just wrap around the apple! Chefman Russell especially loves these treats! You will want to load up on these in the stores as a special snack for your family. Who doesn't love carmel apples! Hot cider, donuts, carmel apples.. mmmmmm... all speak of Fall. We have apples surrounding us everywhere in our little town and how yummy they are! The apple harvest looks good here so why not add carmel apples to your list of foodie delish delights for the Fall. 
Depending on where you are living in the country school has started or is about to start. As a mom part of raising your kids is teaching them right from wrong. I personally wouldn't leave it up to my kids to decide if they took a bath or not.. or chose to go to school or not.. I think it is vital for parents to bring their children to church and to read the Bible with them at home. Keep it simple.. One verse of the Bible or about 3 sentences is adequate... like training.. you just give them a little bit everyday and they will learn like "salt" on food.. and bring them to church so they can make friends and get involved. Don't BUY into all the voices around you .. kids don't like church, yadda , yadda.. I worked at a church and most churches have great activities.. and usually it is MOM and DAD who are the slackers!  So start the school year off right and get your whole family in church this school year!

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