Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ready to jump back in the ring with coupons?


I started tossing my own coupons and had some real disappointing opinions of a few of the stores that I loved to shop at because of couponing. Once I went to a local drugstore and the manager embarrassed me and said So you are the one who has been buying all my newspapers! I actually wasn't but that morning I bought 3 papers. I was so embarrassed I could die, The receipt had a survey so I told the corporate store what happened. No response. I thought hmmm.. must be they don't care. Then another store I had all the right coupons but the fill in manager said I couldn't use them after traveling a hour I though oh no! To make things worse.. again, a survey the corporate office did respond but the Local manager just blew it off after he called me 2 x's. Must be he was supposed to make it right and my response was I understand things can happen but this was a simple transaction. All said now I have a new way of handling these types of situations.. If the Corporate blows you off ... shop somewhere else.. If it is just a manager... go to ANOTHER STORE in the STORE OWNERSHIP chances are a new manager may want to keep the business. All said.. not to be negative at all ... but many of you have STOPPED couponing because you just felt it wasn't worth the drama.. I personally don't FIGHT and just politely contact those companies I am doing business with. As I roll up my sleeves and jump back into the couponing I wanted to encourage you to take a deep breath and let's see if we can overcome any situations and still find ways to save with couponing. Many stores too MATCH COUPONS such as PRICE CHOPPER (I love PRICE CHOPPER! always nice , kind and they DOUBLE COUPONS!) Also don't rule out deals online as well. What has inspired me too is I know people that have been couponing for 30 years and are still in the game.. so don't quit.. just learn how to jump rope differently ... I hate to share negative things.. but I am sure many of you have had troubles out couponing.. I realize stores aren't perfect.. but there is also a "ATTITUDE" out there where some don't even want to hear from a couponer.. My advice.. take your coupons and shop somewhere else! So let's see how to jump in and get what you need and enjoy the ride! 

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