Saturday, September 7, 2013

Blog title change to go along with my life change

I have worked by myself for a long time, but praise the Lord since I have been married my whole family is now involved in my PR, couponing, etc.. and now I have a Backyard Farm too!

My husband, Clay and I are sharing with all lifeskills to help families live a better life and we believe coupons are part of that. Our home blog is and everything stems from there and this blog is now an extention of our home blog :) 

One of the things I have added to my couponing is Sweepstaking. Coupons are great but there are many ways to save and I will be talking about coupons here but also sharing tips on getting freebies, etc... 
Product review... One of the things Clay and I do to save money is to can and dehydrate some of our food. Mrs. Wages sent me a ton of products to test and we purchased the canning spices to share with you as well. We found that these spices to us are the best! We don't get paid for reviewing and always share are honest opinions. 

Want to try out some sweepstakes? here are a few and go over to the home blog for even more (just click on the freebie sweepstake tab) 

To win big in sweeping... learn to help each other...

fab fashion

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