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Coupon class intro

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Are you seeing double? This is what happens when we coupon.. We double and triple our efforts.  

How did I get started in couponing? I prayed a few years ago and asked the Lord how I could make more money and the Lord spoke to me and said coupon! This was before all the extreme couponing stuff came out on TV. I think you are going to enjoy this little mini course of mine on couponing.. as my methods and thoughts may be different from what you heard and I think you are going to be blessed so would you do me a huge favor? Tell your church womens group, your homeschool group, your couponing friends, facebook, family etc.. to subscribe to this blog I believe you are going to find this information a life changer :) 

So roll up your sleeves and enjoy this intro into couponing

Coupon Course --- "Why Mom Coupons"

Why Mom coupons? Because we are smart women and know how to manage our lives and help our families by giving them the BEST! If you can this week grab your Bible and read Proverbs 31 this is the woman that we model our lives from .. and you can be her too as I think she should be the typical woman not some mythical character. Too many women just wonder around in circles not realizing how much influence and power God has given us in this life. 

Here are some of the things I do for my couponing... 
I buy 10-30 papers a week
Lately it has been just one so don't get discouraged I am going to share all the ways .. 
I want to also encourage those who are willing to teach others this great skill as Moms should teach moms so as you do this class pray about who you can help.... as who mothers moms... other moms. Some girls make good money teaching classes on couponing so please feel free to take this information and share it with your students.

Why do I pay for so many coupons... because you want to start "STOCKPILING COUPONS" why? Because the more coupons you have the more deals you can do. I also have a coupon train you can join to help you in your coupon stockpiling. There are going to be different stages in your couponing so this will determine how many you should get as you keep adjusting the coupons to your family lifestyle and be prepared to readjust as your family grows and leaves the family nest, as you become a grandma, travel, work , stay home.. it is a life style change so you will have changes.

I also want to address the "issues" that are going on in the coupon world today. Example rude store clerks, store policy changes as the masses have embraced coupons, clearing shelves... don't throw stones..  this is an individual thing.. personally I feel  that people can preorder so can you really clear a shelf? , rain checks, etc... 

more.. are you getting so bound up with the coupon idea that you don't just lose your head.. sometimes example if you take the recipe for making homemade laundry soap... my recipe you don't grate the soap's 4 powders tossed together. .. At times you just toss out the coupons and say $20 a year for laundry soap is better than 50% off .. you will still get FREE laundry soap.. but always go with the BEST deals and ONLY buy the products your family loves.. Don't use yucky products or your family will have a lower quality of life and many times you are just wasting your money as these items will get given away at the end of your cycle unless of course it is what I call a B rated product it's fine but just not something you are totally in love with. 

All said .. coupons are a tool and use them wisely and TRUST is what we call money and coupons are money so use them like money the only difference is you can't double your money.

Stay with me on this course and all I ask is that you share with your friends on facebook, twitter, family , church etc.. so that we can get the word out about this blog that is designed to help families live a better quality of life. Please subscribe and help us (Clay and I ) to get the word out..

Okay Lesson 1

Where are the Coupons... I am In New York state so I may list different papers but just adjust for your needs ) 

Just a little taste before I post up Lesson 1
Newspapers (Post standard (Syracuse) Democrate Chronicle , Citizen
Magazines (Better Homes and Gardens, 
online (,, etc..)

Just you wait! There are tons of places to find coupons you haven't even thought of!!! 

Don't forget to subscribe --- God bless :)

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I will be posting the classes here on this blog to help all those interested in couponing please stay updated by coming here often and glancing at Today With Ruthie Pople  for more resources for yourself and family.

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