Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is Direct Sales right for you?

As a couponer I want to address the idea of being a direct seller in the world we live in. My mission is to help the younger women be successful in their lives as I am 50 and have been through a lot of the things the girls are facing in this generation. 

I will be talking about this all over the internet as I do my talk shows and other activities. If you want to join in on the conversation follow me on twitter I am retired from direct sales and have no intention of ever getting back as that is a door that my husband and I agree we want to remain shut as we have other interests and don't want to start out at the bottom building things up again. This post is a introduction i so please be sure and stay in the loop as this is a game changer for those of you in any form of sales and will make you or break you so to speak to go to the next level in your business. I come from a long history of sales from owning my own company at 20 and traveling in the southern states with it-- to having 1000's of sign ups in Avon Products Inc. to selling every direct selling thing out there and even going into floor sales where I became one of the  number one sellers  in the entire company of Lazboy the first year I did floor sales. So stay tuned this is going to help you even in your personal life so even if you are not " into " direct sales you may find the tips here helpful in life. 

I personally think direct sales is wonderful for the young mom who wants to stay home and be with her kids and feel like she is still feels the need to work a little outside the hom.  It provides her with rich friendships and a career in sales that in some ways believe it or not is second to none. Because she is "IMMERSED" in it, if she is savy and takes all the training and applies herself she MAY even be able to earn a 6 figure income BELIEVE it or NOT!  The nice thing about direct selling is that it is YOUR own business. You choose the hours, you choose the times, etc.. The world is changing there are many more other opportunities out there for the young mom  today than just  direct sales .When I first got into it and wanted to stay home with my son pretty much the choices were Direct Sales or babysit for 1.00 a hour. Now there are all the online opportunities Blogging,  ebaying, auctions, Babysitting at a normal wage, Cleaning house, etc.. but for the sake of this article we are talking just about  direct sales so don't limit yourself just because you are in direct sales doesn't mean that is what you have to do and where you have to stay do what you love .. remember Direct Sales are YOUR business.

Direct Sales can be a nightmare too-- It can be a shopping club that bankrupts your family of MONEY and your time, it can create conflict with your husband and children. You can be always chasing the carrot and  never seem to get there. YOU MUST run it as a business and if it isn't making money within a reasonable amount of time after car expenses, business  expenses etc.. you should look elsewhere unless of course you decide that you just want it for products for yourself at a discount as a personal shopper. Being honest with yourself and  tuning out  all the REASONING and voices from uplines (who are profiting from you ) and hired company people (who get a check and bonuses from your work) ... when I was in Direct sales I had a covering of a few business people that WERE NOT in my business who owned big companies that I would discuss my business with. They were my mentors so that I could think for myself and of course I must add this.. You DO need your company people to train you, encourage you and show you the ropes.. but you Also need people in business OUTSIDE that you can toss some ideas too so that you don't get what I call the robot factor where you aren't really running like a business and don't have both feet on ground... you need to be a business person and have both feet on ground and be in the know all around you.  Each company has it's own agenda and each person is different so each situation  can be dramatically different but this is the beauty of direct sales you can usually find a shoe that fits for your family in some company. But the bottomline is  YOU have to be either making money or not and that is where you can say Direct Selling was my godsent or Direct selling is NOT for me. I am hoping to also include in my little tour people who are involved in direct selling so that if you are interested in a company you will have a go to person to sign up with or to have a party with.  Many many great companies  you may not be great at selling one company 's thing but you may excel at some other company.

Couponing and Direct sales... Direct sales too can be a awesome tool as you can even say hey why pay full price for make up I can get it at example Avon, Mary Kay, Beauticontrol..etc.. for a deep discount? And even sell a bit to pay for it! A definite plus for your family and you can choose your own hours around your regular job, being a mom, and of course your couponing! 

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