Sunday, March 3, 2013

Are we getting too many coupons?

Are we so in love with couponing that we are "buying" too many coupons and/or spending too much time couponing?
Right now with the deals that are out there ... the cost of the coupons, the cost of printing ink and many deals being the same old same old ... toothpaste, deoderant, etc... are we  actually spending too much on this endeavor even if you are getting "FREE" coupons? As you could be spending your time doing other things? Would you be better off switching gears and getting the traditional one paper a week and purchasing only one or two deals as companies are giving less attractive deals such as buy 4 four for 1.00 off vs 1 for 1.00 off ... as the Woman of Power (CeO of your own home... I call us the women of power as we take back our roll as the wives, mothers and Christian nation that we are.) would it be better for us to just buy 1 paper and get many deals for 50 cents off , etc... using our reward cards, points, etc.. and saving the money and time we would put into newspapers and time clipping and perhaps gearing towards other activities? Such as learning how to garden ... freeze, can, how to shop for deals on say ... better electric , saving on plants, home decor, etc... and the other things in our lives that we find ourselves constantly consuming... maybe we need to rethink what we are doing for entertainment and finding deals etc... as we as women have researched, found our place and perhaps there are other adventures and mountains to climb. ... example... would it be cheaper for you to stay home and not use car, only use the net for tv using ... shopping second hand or deep discount places like walmart unless you are getting at least 75% off or no deal for clothing... are you watching to make sure your grocery stores aren't just jacking the prices up and manufacters while offering good coupons... as the Woman of power in your home... take accounts of your business and look at what you can change to make your home (business... your home is your business run smoothly) ... I urge you to take accounts and then adjust the plan for your family as couponers to run efficiently we need to look over our plan to run our homes. It's not just coupons it is everything to run your home wise. You shouldn't live a cheap life but living in the lap of luxury how is this done.. by taking into account what is going on and to make adjustments and rethink your plan periodically. 

Relaxation... With summer approaching... I want to encourage you to start your spring cleaning so you can have lots of hazy lazy days this summer!!!

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