Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Will our milk get Aspartame ?

    Yet another chemical concern over our food... Our milk may end up with Aspartame check out the article

Save on medical bills ... 

Air quality is something that we ignore in all of our efforts to save money. I had not had plants for years and last year I began to collect plants again in my house and noticed that I felt much better. I have a palm which is noted to really clean up the air some suggest putting plants in your bedroom and if you are stuck in a stuffy office you may want to do the same. With spring approaching rapidly consider scoring some indoor plants which you can probably find on the cheap as I bought my HUGE palm for only $5 at Lowes as many of these will be on the clearance rack now. 


 Women of Power moment... think of the smart women of old... they stepped to the plate... some worked , some stayed home... but they KNEW how to run their homes.. .
Freebies, couponing and much more... Some of you may not know that I picked up couponing as a hobby after being in sales , business... yadda yadda for years. I am pretty much retired and felt like the Lord was directing me to do this to help my family as now I am home full time. Here is a thought I want to shoot out for all of you who are couponing... Don't just save on coupons... Save on EVERYTHING!!! Teach yourself to do your own repairs, and to save where  it makes sense... but not to live like a  poor old soul,  but rather so you can purchase those things you want. Don't buy into being wasteful or the thought that you are a HOARDER if you have things stored for your family. That is just stupid. I am talking to you as a Mom... at age 50... I would say store everything that won't go bad but the things that will don't store... Think of buying enough food , etc.. for 2 years... but not things like cereal that will go stale only buy enough that will taste good. Be the boss of your home and don't get swayed by every silly idea out there... Take control of your life and be smart. Run your home as you would a business as the woman of the home. Get enough "SUPPLIES" to get your through so you can keep BUILDING your home... with fun, laughter, and joy in the Lord, and so that you have a little extra to OPEN your hands WIDE to those who trully are in need and not like the foolish women who didn't carry enough oil and just want some of your stash ...but the people that for example Cheri finds out her husband has a girlfriend and she's been a godly woman and now she's trying to start over after 30 years of marriage, or Tracy just found out she is sick and loses her job , you should be handing out your things wisely as it is unfair to your family to "GIVE Away unless it is going to go bad or you by accident did as I did buy 20 boxes of cereal just give them away so you don't have to give them away when they are stale or feed them to the dog. Write down your plan and you can revise it until you find the PERFECT plan that works for you and your family. Trust me it will probably honestly take 5 years to get your shopping, and strategies in order but then you can teach these good principles to your kids. 

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