Sunday, May 25, 2014

No coupon inserts today

             No coupon inserts today

Here is the couponing schedule for the rest of this year

5-25 – No Inserts Scheduled (Memorial Day)
6-1 – RedPlum, SmartSource, Proctor & Gamble
6-8 – SmartSource
6-15 – RedPlum, SmartSource
6-22 – RedPlum, SmartSource
6-29 – RedPlum, SmartSource
7-6 – Proctor & Gamble (4th of July)
7-13 – RedPlum, SmartSource
7-20 – No Inserts Scheduled
7-27 – RedPlum, SmartSource (2), Proctor & Gamble
8-3 – RedPlum (2), SmartSource
8-10 – RedPlum, SmartSource
8-17 – RedPlum, SmartSource
8-24 – RedPlum, SmartSource
8-31 – Proctor & Gamble
9-7 – RedPlum, SmartSource (2)
9-14 – RedPlum, SmartSource (2)
9-21 – RedPlum, SmartSource
9-28 – RedPlum, SmartSource, Proctor & Gamble
10-5 – RedPlum, SmartSource (2)
10-12 – RedPlum, SmartSource
10-19 – SmartSource, Little Tykes
10-26 – RedPlum, SmartSource, Proctor & Gamble
11-2 – RedPlum, SmartSource (2)
11-9 – RedPlum, SmartSource
11-16 – RedPlum, SmartSource
11-23 – RedPlum, SmartSource
11-30 – Proctor & Gamble (Thanksgiving)
12-7 – RedPlum, SmartSource
12-14 – RedPlum, SmartSource
12-21 – No Inserts Scheduled (Christmas)
12-28 – Proctor & Gamble (New Year’s)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Couponing in today's couponing world

One of my fun hobbies is extreme couponing. I just love to go to the store and walk away with everything for FREE! My blog is a lifestyle blog and farming, couponing, PR and all the techie stuff and everyting else God puts in our path is certainly a large gamet but you can pull many things together if you "Organize" yourself. Our work is our play. I want to encourage you to "tune in" to my blog everyday to see how We are doing all this so you can safe "THOUSANDS" of dollars and help your family.. not just in couponing but in many other little things.. homemade recipes, sweepstaking, freebie finding, coupons, etc.. 

Please feel free also to send us your questions at and we will be happy to answer as many as we can via video or here on the blog :)

Okay ... On to couponing...
With all the issues surrounding coupons many have 
"LEFT THE GAME" I say... don't do it! ... RIDE OUT THE TIDE and just "adjust your couponing ". Coupons are MONEY ... and companies need to see that consumers still want them. I personally will only buy from companies that connect with me PERSONALLY! I want giving companies and companies I can contact. If I can't even contact them on their website.. I feel they probably don't care that much ... or if you can't even phone them.. just imagine.. You are doing business as a Business owner  with a company that you can't contact.. I wouldn't do that! You are the CEO of your household... be smart! I also want to work with companies that are GIVING... coupons, sweepstakes, samples, etc... I truly believe "The liberal soul shall be made fat" Find me a giving company and I will show you a success one.. A great example to me is PEPSI. As big as they are I can contact them.. they give coupons have promotions, etc...  I understand there are lots of Mom and Pop shops out there.. but I think they get big by doing the same things coupons, drawings, promotions,  and their buyers can contact them! So why all this in my couponing thoughts.. Because I want YOU to be in the driver's seat as the CEO of your home. Your the boss ..  You choose where your money is spent for your family business so to speak.. we need to get back to the place our parents were.. we RUN our homes .. like I used to tell my big team (approx 1000) when I was in sales.. THE CUSTOMER CHOOSES WHO THEY WANT TO WORK WITH NOT YOU ... their sales some sales people would get mad at others because a customer wanted to buy from another rep) . WE choose not the company.. So... take this attitude .. start to choose the companies you want to buy from .. the products.. BUY the best you can swing.. and bring your family up a level each year as you "take control" ... FREE is only good if your family is dancing and happy.. but if your family has to use paper towels that fall apart when you use them.. or eat boxed macaroni and cheese that tastes terrible you really aren't living the high luxury life you could but really in my opinion just doing the opposite.. it isn't a plus.. so stick around.. now to help you get started..  This week .. for kicks try not to buy anything without a google search for a coupon or coupon  code or free .. example  FREE SODA for May 2014 see if you get any hits ... and print coupons or go for a coupon code.. and on Sunday pick up a newspaper or two...  stay tuned for more on this.. and feel free to email your questions to me.. One final thought on couponing.. If you love FREE ... Couponing is one of the best way to get free stuff on the planet.. and YOU ARE IN THE DRIVER's seat !    Go over to my main blog for updates on couponing.. deals, etc..  and more information

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

putting on my sunglasses to travel the world


Live frugally who needs a vacation when you can travel the world from your seat!

I am not going on any big vacations this year, and I don't need to with a great book in my hands like Lynne Martin's "HOME SWEET ANYWHERE" Lynn and her husband Tim look at each other one day and decide to sell their home and to live all over the world. They look for a new home for their Jack Russell and their furniture and of course telling all the people they knew about their decision. As they were traveling around the world they joke and say the thing they missed was their FURNITURE as they didn't have a piece in their travels  that felt  great with their bodies. I enjoyed stories of the glorious Turkey Spices.  Getting some odd sleeping nites ending up in a bad place to live followed by a gorgeous pampering stay. I loved how they enjoyed meeting people and the "foodie" talk such as the meals in Ireland with  pasta and mashed potatoes. A refreshing read so put on your sunhat , and slip into your floral shirt and sit in front of a sunny window with your sunglasses on for this goodie you are about to see the world! If you are a real traveler or a arm chair traveler you will find this a must.  To purchase go to

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

skills to learn

enjoy this vintage post from our home page  8/13 
I hope you are taking advantage of all the free online classes we are offering. We want to teach lifeskills to our friends (that means YOU!) to bless your life. We just feel that this is the direction the Lord is leading us to bless your life with. 

I will be making a tab so that you can just click on any of the previous classes and have the material handy so you can review or share them with your friends so they can learn too. 

Meet ChefmanRussell ... he's a member of the Pople Backyard Farm and our son. He helps us with everything around here but does a lot of cooking for us! He is a college graduate with a degree in Graphic Design. He is currently working with a Chef in the best restaurant in our town! You will see Russell in our videos and he also is working with us in our FALL's BEST PRODUCTS TOUR as we share these with you!

Here is a very small "sampling of some of the Products that we recommend you purchase for this  out this fall" 

Super Smile
Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish Puffs 
Thermacell Mosquito Lantern
Mrs. Wages Spices
Gold Fish Mac and Cheese
JD's Salsa
Smart Fab
Wise Emergency Foods
Concord Caramel Apple Wrap

The product we would like to highlight today is 

We are loving this. Our product team loves when we cook up some goodies! Very easy to do.. Just wrap around the apple! Chefman Russell especially loves these treats! You will want to load up on these in the stores as a special snack for your family. Who doesn't love carmel apples! Hot cider, donuts, carmel apples.. mmmmmm... all speak of Fall. We have apples surrounding us everywhere in our little town and how yummy they are! The apple harvest looks good here so why not add carmel apples to your list of foodie delish delights for the Fall. 
Depending on where you are living in the country school has started or is about to start. As a mom part of raising your kids is teaching them right from wrong. I personally wouldn't leave it up to my kids to decide if they took a bath or not.. or chose to go to school or not.. I think it is vital for parents to bring their children to church and to read the Bible with them at home. Keep it simple.. One verse of the Bible or about 3 sentences is adequate... like training.. you just give them a little bit everyday and they will learn like "salt" on food.. and bring them to church so they can make friends and get involved. Don't BUY into all the voices around you .. kids don't like church, yadda , yadda.. I worked at a church and most churches have great activities.. and usually it is MOM and DAD who are the slackers!  So start the school year off right and get your whole family in church this school year!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A vintage you tube but I wanted to share this with you.

Here is a video when I first started couponing and I wanted to share with you all to help you guys coupon. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Couponing Helps..

Couponing in 2013 was a HUGE challenge for me! Some managers and stores didn't honor the coupons and coupons were not as valuable! Is it still worth it to coupon? I think so.. even if you only get 20% off every single penny you save is worth it. I just got a few "FREE" things this past week in coupons. Like they say you have to know when to hold em know when to fold em.. just like the stock market has dips you have to hang on to your coupons and may have to "ride out the tide" until you can get a good deal.. so what do you do in the meantime? Find ways to add to your families budget.. and taking control of what your family is spending and buying. I suggest consider growing a garden and if you are game to even raise some chickens! Learn the art of canning and dehydrating so that your family can still live well until you can make the deals you need. Check out our home page daily as even the freebies and sweepstakes I list there can really add up and the farming tips. Coupons are great and yes, this blog is about coupons but be open if you aren't getting good deals to ride out the tides to make sure you are always getting the best deals for your family. 

More ideas to keep your coupons working for you... Always keep your most valuable coupons with you .. as sometimes you may find what you have been waiting to turn in at a store you didn't expect. 

Don't ever argue with store managers and workers if you have a problem it is best to email or phone the establishment if the workers don't understand coupon policies

Do let EVERYONE you know.. know that you are couponing and ask them to pass on any old coupons they don't want. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

San J Orange Sauce Product Review

San J Orange Sauce Product Review

It's TIME! Jump back in the saddle with coupons!

     Grandma's know best!

I think the water is safe! Time to jump back in the saddle with coupons! We all learned a great lifeskill and I for one got discouraged with the crabby managers and clerks so I took my cookies and went home and got out of it for awhile. Nothing is more frustrating than to work all week only to go to the store and not get the deals you work for. So Let's regroup and instead of fighting the system let's roll with it.. Check out our post in the video below. Click on the side bar to our home blog and plug in and learn how to SAVE BIG for your whole life ! 


  Untrash ! keep our environment safe with this little trash and ck out a  load of products that keep our planet green check it out at We want to thank UnCan for sending us this to review we love it! 


One life, will soon be past only what is done for Christ will last - Jim Elliot

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ready to jump back in the ring with coupons?


I started tossing my own coupons and had some real disappointing opinions of a few of the stores that I loved to shop at because of couponing. Once I went to a local drugstore and the manager embarrassed me and said So you are the one who has been buying all my newspapers! I actually wasn't but that morning I bought 3 papers. I was so embarrassed I could die, The receipt had a survey so I told the corporate store what happened. No response. I thought hmmm.. must be they don't care. Then another store I had all the right coupons but the fill in manager said I couldn't use them after traveling a hour I though oh no! To make things worse.. again, a survey the corporate office did respond but the Local manager just blew it off after he called me 2 x's. Must be he was supposed to make it right and my response was I understand things can happen but this was a simple transaction. All said now I have a new way of handling these types of situations.. If the Corporate blows you off ... shop somewhere else.. If it is just a manager... go to ANOTHER STORE in the STORE OWNERSHIP chances are a new manager may want to keep the business. All said.. not to be negative at all ... but many of you have STOPPED couponing because you just felt it wasn't worth the drama.. I personally don't FIGHT and just politely contact those companies I am doing business with. As I roll up my sleeves and jump back into the couponing I wanted to encourage you to take a deep breath and let's see if we can overcome any situations and still find ways to save with couponing. Many stores too MATCH COUPONS such as PRICE CHOPPER (I love PRICE CHOPPER! always nice , kind and they DOUBLE COUPONS!) Also don't rule out deals online as well. What has inspired me too is I know people that have been couponing for 30 years and are still in the game.. so don't quit.. just learn how to jump rope differently ... I hate to share negative things.. but I am sure many of you have had troubles out couponing.. I realize stores aren't perfect.. but there is also a "ATTITUDE" out there where some don't even want to hear from a couponer.. My advice.. take your coupons and shop somewhere else! So let's see how to jump in and get what you need and enjoy the ride! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saving at the Dollar Tree

Fighting for good pricing is so important. One nice thing is that now the Dollar Tree is taking coupons. Here is a tip on saving at the Dollar Tree make sure that you have the right size and right amounts as the coupons don't always line up.

Guess what? I am adding to my site frugal Living, and a link for those who don't like to coupon to show ways to save too! Make sure you look all around Pople Backyard Farm daily for ideas that will help your family!
Please help us out by sharing our blog on facebook, twitter, email, your church , etc..

Friday, September 13, 2013

Couponing vs Farm Stands

This time of the year you will want to look at popping in at all the farm stands to compare prices for fruits and veggies. You may not get coupons but you may be able to get some good deals.

Fun with Sweepstaking

Anniversary sweep

Sweepstakes to enter

Pinterest contest

Join me on twitter and share what veggies you love

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Blog title change to go along with my life change

I have worked by myself for a long time, but praise the Lord since I have been married my whole family is now involved in my PR, couponing, etc.. and now I have a Backyard Farm too!

My husband, Clay and I are sharing with all lifeskills to help families live a better life and we believe coupons are part of that. Our home blog is and everything stems from there and this blog is now an extention of our home blog :) 

One of the things I have added to my couponing is Sweepstaking. Coupons are great but there are many ways to save and I will be talking about coupons here but also sharing tips on getting freebies, etc... 
Product review... One of the things Clay and I do to save money is to can and dehydrate some of our food. Mrs. Wages sent me a ton of products to test and we purchased the canning spices to share with you as well. We found that these spices to us are the best! We don't get paid for reviewing and always share are honest opinions. 

Want to try out some sweepstakes? here are a few and go over to the home blog for even more (just click on the freebie sweepstake tab) 

To win big in sweeping... learn to help each other...

fab fashion

Win $1000

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#Free Class Learn to Coupon in 10 days

ck out my class learn to coupon in 10 days.. totally free and online at

Win something cool....  Sweepstakes to enter.. :)

Freebies & Sweepstakes for today

Win way cool paper

Win a trip

Win a Mac Book


Win Free Sound Pop

Win slippers

Win a bed
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want more? go to

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Exciting news!

Some of my friends here know that I got remarried about a year ago and now live on a backyard farm with my new husband Clay Pople. I am Ruthie Pople now. We have so many similar interests it is wonderful. We decided it would be a great idea to pool our talents together and we have created Pople Backyard Farm to share about couponing, farming, saving, Publicity all the things that families need to be successful. We have made a "parent" blog for all of this so that all of our many followers around the web have a anchor to find us with .  Still come here to ck on deals etc.. but subscribe to the parent blog as well so you don't miss a thing. We really really want you to do well and our dream is that we can change lives. Please feel free to share this blog with your church we are only a tweet away at all times if you want to talk to us directly on twitter God bless :) 

please share this blog with your family and facebook and twitter friends :) 

Just in case you enter the seventeen magazine sweepstakes here are the codes

07/01 – DJ
07/02 – BLONDIE
07/03 – BEATLES
07/04 – DRAKE
07/05 – MADONNA
07/06 – STAR
07/07 – AVRIL
07/08 – NICKI
07/09 – HEAT
07/10 – RIHANNA
07/11 – PURR
07/12 – TAYLOR
07/13 – SOMEDAY
07/14 – ADELE
07/15 – KATY
07/16 – BIEBER
07/17 – BEYONCE
07/19 – KE$HA (if this code is rejected, try KESHA)
07/20 – GLEE
07/22 – JASMINE
07/23 – WARRIOR
07/24 – SUMMER
07/25 – WILD
07/26 – CODY
07/27 – JAY
07/28 – XBOX
07/29 – TWISTER
07/30 – DANCE
07/31 – RAVE

Friday, May 10, 2013

Coupon class intro

FREE coupon classes right here Join in "Couponing for

Are you seeing double? This is what happens when we coupon.. We double and triple our efforts.  

How did I get started in couponing? I prayed a few years ago and asked the Lord how I could make more money and the Lord spoke to me and said coupon! This was before all the extreme couponing stuff came out on TV. I think you are going to enjoy this little mini course of mine on couponing.. as my methods and thoughts may be different from what you heard and I think you are going to be blessed so would you do me a huge favor? Tell your church womens group, your homeschool group, your couponing friends, facebook, family etc.. to subscribe to this blog I believe you are going to find this information a life changer :) 

So roll up your sleeves and enjoy this intro into couponing

Coupon Course --- "Why Mom Coupons"

Why Mom coupons? Because we are smart women and know how to manage our lives and help our families by giving them the BEST! If you can this week grab your Bible and read Proverbs 31 this is the woman that we model our lives from .. and you can be her too as I think she should be the typical woman not some mythical character. Too many women just wonder around in circles not realizing how much influence and power God has given us in this life. 

Here are some of the things I do for my couponing... 
I buy 10-30 papers a week
Lately it has been just one so don't get discouraged I am going to share all the ways .. 
I want to also encourage those who are willing to teach others this great skill as Moms should teach moms so as you do this class pray about who you can help.... as who mothers moms... other moms. Some girls make good money teaching classes on couponing so please feel free to take this information and share it with your students.

Why do I pay for so many coupons... because you want to start "STOCKPILING COUPONS" why? Because the more coupons you have the more deals you can do. I also have a coupon train you can join to help you in your coupon stockpiling. There are going to be different stages in your couponing so this will determine how many you should get as you keep adjusting the coupons to your family lifestyle and be prepared to readjust as your family grows and leaves the family nest, as you become a grandma, travel, work , stay home.. it is a life style change so you will have changes.

I also want to address the "issues" that are going on in the coupon world today. Example rude store clerks, store policy changes as the masses have embraced coupons, clearing shelves... don't throw stones..  this is an individual thing.. personally I feel  that people can preorder so can you really clear a shelf? , rain checks, etc... 

more.. are you getting so bound up with the coupon idea that you don't just lose your head.. sometimes example if you take the recipe for making homemade laundry soap... my recipe you don't grate the soap's 4 powders tossed together. .. At times you just toss out the coupons and say $20 a year for laundry soap is better than 50% off .. you will still get FREE laundry soap.. but always go with the BEST deals and ONLY buy the products your family loves.. Don't use yucky products or your family will have a lower quality of life and many times you are just wasting your money as these items will get given away at the end of your cycle unless of course it is what I call a B rated product it's fine but just not something you are totally in love with. 

All said .. coupons are a tool and use them wisely and TRUST is what we call money and coupons are money so use them like money the only difference is you can't double your money.

Stay with me on this course and all I ask is that you share with your friends on facebook, twitter, family , church etc.. so that we can get the word out about this blog that is designed to help families live a better quality of life. Please subscribe and help us (Clay and I ) to get the word out..

Okay Lesson 1

Where are the Coupons... I am In New York state so I may list different papers but just adjust for your needs ) 

Just a little taste before I post up Lesson 1
Newspapers (Post standard (Syracuse) Democrate Chronicle , Citizen
Magazines (Better Homes and Gardens, 
online (,, etc..)

Just you wait! There are tons of places to find coupons you haven't even thought of!!! 

Don't forget to subscribe --- God bless :)

This post was taken from my Mega Blog home page 

I will be posting the classes here on this blog to help all those interested in couponing please stay updated by coming here often and glancing at Today With Ruthie Pople  for more resources for yourself and family.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is Direct Sales right for you?

As a couponer I want to address the idea of being a direct seller in the world we live in. My mission is to help the younger women be successful in their lives as I am 50 and have been through a lot of the things the girls are facing in this generation. 

I will be talking about this all over the internet as I do my talk shows and other activities. If you want to join in on the conversation follow me on twitter I am retired from direct sales and have no intention of ever getting back as that is a door that my husband and I agree we want to remain shut as we have other interests and don't want to start out at the bottom building things up again. This post is a introduction i so please be sure and stay in the loop as this is a game changer for those of you in any form of sales and will make you or break you so to speak to go to the next level in your business. I come from a long history of sales from owning my own company at 20 and traveling in the southern states with it-- to having 1000's of sign ups in Avon Products Inc. to selling every direct selling thing out there and even going into floor sales where I became one of the  number one sellers  in the entire company of Lazboy the first year I did floor sales. So stay tuned this is going to help you even in your personal life so even if you are not " into " direct sales you may find the tips here helpful in life. 

I personally think direct sales is wonderful for the young mom who wants to stay home and be with her kids and feel like she is still feels the need to work a little outside the hom.  It provides her with rich friendships and a career in sales that in some ways believe it or not is second to none. Because she is "IMMERSED" in it, if she is savy and takes all the training and applies herself she MAY even be able to earn a 6 figure income BELIEVE it or NOT!  The nice thing about direct selling is that it is YOUR own business. You choose the hours, you choose the times, etc.. The world is changing there are many more other opportunities out there for the young mom  today than just  direct sales .When I first got into it and wanted to stay home with my son pretty much the choices were Direct Sales or babysit for 1.00 a hour. Now there are all the online opportunities Blogging,  ebaying, auctions, Babysitting at a normal wage, Cleaning house, etc.. but for the sake of this article we are talking just about  direct sales so don't limit yourself just because you are in direct sales doesn't mean that is what you have to do and where you have to stay do what you love .. remember Direct Sales are YOUR business.

Direct Sales can be a nightmare too-- It can be a shopping club that bankrupts your family of MONEY and your time, it can create conflict with your husband and children. You can be always chasing the carrot and  never seem to get there. YOU MUST run it as a business and if it isn't making money within a reasonable amount of time after car expenses, business  expenses etc.. you should look elsewhere unless of course you decide that you just want it for products for yourself at a discount as a personal shopper. Being honest with yourself and  tuning out  all the REASONING and voices from uplines (who are profiting from you ) and hired company people (who get a check and bonuses from your work) ... when I was in Direct sales I had a covering of a few business people that WERE NOT in my business who owned big companies that I would discuss my business with. They were my mentors so that I could think for myself and of course I must add this.. You DO need your company people to train you, encourage you and show you the ropes.. but you Also need people in business OUTSIDE that you can toss some ideas too so that you don't get what I call the robot factor where you aren't really running like a business and don't have both feet on ground... you need to be a business person and have both feet on ground and be in the know all around you.  Each company has it's own agenda and each person is different so each situation  can be dramatically different but this is the beauty of direct sales you can usually find a shoe that fits for your family in some company. But the bottomline is  YOU have to be either making money or not and that is where you can say Direct Selling was my godsent or Direct selling is NOT for me. I am hoping to also include in my little tour people who are involved in direct selling so that if you are interested in a company you will have a go to person to sign up with or to have a party with.  Many many great companies  you may not be great at selling one company 's thing but you may excel at some other company.

Couponing and Direct sales... Direct sales too can be a awesome tool as you can even say hey why pay full price for make up I can get it at example Avon, Mary Kay, Beauticontrol..etc.. for a deep discount? And even sell a bit to pay for it! A definite plus for your family and you can choose your own hours around your regular job, being a mom, and of course your couponing! 

Don't forget to subscribe to my blog . and if you are in direct sales please contact me on twitter have your downline subscribe and  I am hoping to hook up with some of you to share your opportunity with my friends online :) God bless :) 
to reach me on twitter @R47R 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Know your coupon policies

If you love shopping at is their coupon policy go to

Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in paradise...

While shopping this week I ran into a store that didn't know any of their corporate rules. As I stood there with my coupons and my products trying to explain to the workers their rules I thought well, I will just leave my things and worry about it tommorrow... which brings me to this.... If you find yourself in a store that didn't train their workers on how to use coupons politely explain the rules if they don't understand just go home and write a letter to the corporations and ask them to GIVE YOU the deal. You may feel frustration but the goal is to be able to shop by their rules in their stores. You should be following the rules yourself and be a responsible couponer by Keeping up on the rules and policies in the stores you love to shop. The key is to follow the rules the stores have set up and also to do your best at thanking them by shopping there as often as you can even when you don't have a coupon if the prices are the same. I personally think it is smart to address each situation until you iron out any problems or misunderstandings so that the store and you can work together and the shopping experience is following the rules the store sets forth. If you find that they don't honor their own rules then it is best to shop at places that do follow the rules. If you don't want to follow the rules you shouldn't be upset if they have them outlined. So I want to encourage all of us couponers to work hard to learn and know our stuff and to not get frustrated with workers who are not informed but rather to approach the corporations to make sure that they are aware of what is going on in the field so that they can address it and make the shopping experience more pleasurable for us. Everyone wins when we all do the right thing. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Save on EntertainmentHazel is back!

New Review.... Vintage Review on Hazel

Grab some fun and save on your TV entertainment ! Grab the vintage bug and get your family rating and reviewing old movies and shows! A cheap family entertainment... we skip the movies and don't even have cable as we can watch on the net and you tube is free. We save BIG by not having that Big cable bill every month. I thought as techie and up beat as I am that there would be no way I could do without cable... I don't even miss it, everything is online.  I  am enjoying watching Hazel. Today she said she would work a whole night for another gentelmen requiring her services for only FIVE DOLLARS! It makes you wonder what kind of pay they got back that.. Anyone know?  Hazel is always right and the show is full of fun. A great fun show to watch with the kids. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hey all my couponing buddies... as you are couponing and tweeting ... check out on twitter one of the coolest events that is making Peep history on twitter #UseMeLeaveMe the tweeting bikes to learn more ck out      ----- >

you never know ... perhaps a extreme couponer will hitch a ride !


Monday, March 4, 2013

Make a guitar for the kiddies

   enter to win a mod a day !

Fun for the kids 

Enjoy some great conversations ...if you aren't a part of twitter come join in you can follow me at

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Are we getting too many coupons?

Are we so in love with couponing that we are "buying" too many coupons and/or spending too much time couponing?
Right now with the deals that are out there ... the cost of the coupons, the cost of printing ink and many deals being the same old same old ... toothpaste, deoderant, etc... are we  actually spending too much on this endeavor even if you are getting "FREE" coupons? As you could be spending your time doing other things? Would you be better off switching gears and getting the traditional one paper a week and purchasing only one or two deals as companies are giving less attractive deals such as buy 4 four for 1.00 off vs 1 for 1.00 off ... as the Woman of Power (CeO of your own home... I call us the women of power as we take back our roll as the wives, mothers and Christian nation that we are.) would it be better for us to just buy 1 paper and get many deals for 50 cents off , etc... using our reward cards, points, etc.. and saving the money and time we would put into newspapers and time clipping and perhaps gearing towards other activities? Such as learning how to garden ... freeze, can, how to shop for deals on say ... better electric , saving on plants, home decor, etc... and the other things in our lives that we find ourselves constantly consuming... maybe we need to rethink what we are doing for entertainment and finding deals etc... as we as women have researched, found our place and perhaps there are other adventures and mountains to climb. ... example... would it be cheaper for you to stay home and not use car, only use the net for tv using ... shopping second hand or deep discount places like walmart unless you are getting at least 75% off or no deal for clothing... are you watching to make sure your grocery stores aren't just jacking the prices up and manufacters while offering good coupons... as the Woman of power in your home... take accounts of your business and look at what you can change to make your home (business... your home is your business run smoothly) ... I urge you to take accounts and then adjust the plan for your family as couponers to run efficiently we need to look over our plan to run our homes. It's not just coupons it is everything to run your home wise. You shouldn't live a cheap life but living in the lap of luxury how is this done.. by taking into account what is going on and to make adjustments and rethink your plan periodically. 

Relaxation... With summer approaching... I want to encourage you to start your spring cleaning so you can have lots of hazy lazy days this summer!!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Win the Mascot contest ?

Here is a fun contest to enter to test your talent and skills


News around town.... 

My local paper went to 3 newspapers a week instead of 7... do you think Newspapers are going to be a thing of the past? ... all going digital... smart phone ... coupons uploaded... 
 lighed shoes...etc... and have you seen the April issue of Family Circle with all the upcoming techie stuff coming out? 


Did you know it only takes 80 hours to read your entire Bible at the 3d grade reading level?


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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Will our milk get Aspartame ?

    Yet another chemical concern over our food... Our milk may end up with Aspartame check out the article

Save on medical bills ... 

Air quality is something that we ignore in all of our efforts to save money. I had not had plants for years and last year I began to collect plants again in my house and noticed that I felt much better. I have a palm which is noted to really clean up the air some suggest putting plants in your bedroom and if you are stuck in a stuffy office you may want to do the same. With spring approaching rapidly consider scoring some indoor plants which you can probably find on the cheap as I bought my HUGE palm for only $5 at Lowes as many of these will be on the clearance rack now. 


 Women of Power moment... think of the smart women of old... they stepped to the plate... some worked , some stayed home... but they KNEW how to run their homes.. .
Freebies, couponing and much more... Some of you may not know that I picked up couponing as a hobby after being in sales , business... yadda yadda for years. I am pretty much retired and felt like the Lord was directing me to do this to help my family as now I am home full time. Here is a thought I want to shoot out for all of you who are couponing... Don't just save on coupons... Save on EVERYTHING!!! Teach yourself to do your own repairs, and to save where  it makes sense... but not to live like a  poor old soul,  but rather so you can purchase those things you want. Don't buy into being wasteful or the thought that you are a HOARDER if you have things stored for your family. That is just stupid. I am talking to you as a Mom... at age 50... I would say store everything that won't go bad but the things that will don't store... Think of buying enough food , etc.. for 2 years... but not things like cereal that will go stale only buy enough that will taste good. Be the boss of your home and don't get swayed by every silly idea out there... Take control of your life and be smart. Run your home as you would a business as the woman of the home. Get enough "SUPPLIES" to get your through so you can keep BUILDING your home... with fun, laughter, and joy in the Lord, and so that you have a little extra to OPEN your hands WIDE to those who trully are in need and not like the foolish women who didn't carry enough oil and just want some of your stash ...but the people that for example Cheri finds out her husband has a girlfriend and she's been a godly woman and now she's trying to start over after 30 years of marriage, or Tracy just found out she is sick and loses her job , you should be handing out your things wisely as it is unfair to your family to "GIVE Away unless it is going to go bad or you by accident did as I did buy 20 boxes of cereal just give them away so you don't have to give them away when they are stale or feed them to the dog. Write down your plan and you can revise it until you find the PERFECT plan that works for you and your family. Trust me it will probably honestly take 5 years to get your shopping, and strategies in order but then you can teach these good principles to your kids. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013


A Turtle's Tale Sammy's Adventures

A Turtle's Tale Sammy's Adventures

I love to share with  my friends all the great movies we are viewing on I just think that it is such a great savings for my family to have ditched the cable and watch everything online. You can get a month free of just about always. It is great. I enjoyed watching A Turtle's Tale Sammy
s Adventures there. The scenery was unbelievable and the story was very sweet. The life of a Sea Turtle and how hard it was for sea turtles to survive. Pour out the cocoa and bake some cookies and snuggle up with the kids before bedtime for this fun little movie!

Have you checked out this great product? Lash Control it is a squeezable Mascara. I want to thank Lash Control for sending this to me to sample it works great and I love the squeezable container. Check out LashControl and score some for yourself!
Poor Mommas... Don't give up on your couponing...

Have you experienced this in your couponing? You went to get the Newspapers and a RUDE store clerk yells at you? I have. I recently had this happen to me where the store manager came out and said something like I wondered who was taking all of our papers accusing me! I did put several papers in my cart but had not been the one taking the coupons. I was really embarrassed. I politely put the papers back except for the two I was allowed. These were papers I was going to pay for not free ones. I am a perferred shopper at that store and spend quite a bit. Here is what to do.. When I got home I took the register receipt and did the survey honestly and told them about my experience at the store. When you shop you should always take your receipt to let corporate know how your shopping experience went. I have not heard back from corporate yet. Here is my thought if a store doesn't care about your business go to the competition... but in the meantime until you get a response go to the other stores in the chain why should the chain get punished for the behavior of employees. Also it isn't a bad idea to share a solution. Everyone needs to be tolerant in these times of couponing where there is a lot of misunderstandings such as not realizing that TLC's extreme couponing part of it was to show what could be done... Most of the people said they never did a trip like that before... It is only logic if you purchase 1,0000 coupons from a online source for a particular coupon you would normally get 5 of for free and you were going to do the show so you bought more and preordered and the store knew you were coming with TLC etc.. it could happen that way.. not the real world.. Many people actually believe it is just like that.. they don't realize people donate etc.. example christimas time they may make plans with a church etc.. and they get those coupons etc.. for a specific purpose.. So all over the board there is a lot of misunderstandings. Store clerks cop attitudes because couponers come in rude and demanding not realizing that they have jobs they have to keep too. All said across the board everyonne needs to not JUMP ahead ...but like driving.. Be on defensive driving not offensive.. If a problem arises example one of my favorite stores had a manager be rude.. when I normally just did my thing and leave... and actually I have a deal with another place that saves my papers for me and they are Happy for my business a gas station as a result I eat there, get gas there send all my friends there. They are very good to me so why wouldn't I? I went shopping a few times lately and I found that I experienced a few very rude clerks I didn't experience this ever before but once and I had a rain check for 25 Splenda and the manager came out and was mad at another employee in another store so I just said oh I won't cash them in as I didn't want the other girl to lose her job... People make honest mistakes in the world of couponing and I wasn't going to DEMAND my Splenda as hey it's only couponing..  My thought was the manager should have given it to me and approached the regional and said we aren't used to the couponers let's have a class on this and not to punish the other girl either as people will make mistakes needless to say I don't go to that store because the manager was embarrassing. I didn't write to corportate but I do shop at the other store in that chain as the workers are nice. So both sides of the table everyone..Work well and the corporations that don't want your business just don't shop there... remember the workers are still learning ... and you need to overlook a lot... if a store manager is rude...don't give up on the store just shop at another store in that chain... unless the corporation acts like they don't want your business then why would you ever shop there? Just wanted to address this. Bottomline... Shop til you drop and take situations with a grain of sand unless it is so out of control you are FORCED to address it. 

Fun project to make for easter... You can even make giant easter eggs big or small from balls or balloons ! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

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Win a $25 gift card for dinner!

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Save big by ditching cable!

 Do you know who this is?
I am sharing one of my indulgences... This is Jessica Fletcher... Angela Landsbury. When my husband  told me we were getting rid of our cable I thought it would be horrible.. but it was actually the opposite! I enjoy watching my shows 100% more now that I CHOOSE what I watch instead of having things tossed at me that I just get! We have cable for the internet only and watch all of our shows on tv and on My favorite show is now the current show that I choose to watch from season 1 all the way through to the end of the whole series. Of late I have been watching Murder She Wrote with Angela Landsbury who plays Jessica Fletcher it is so much more fun. It may take me a week or a month to get through my show.. if I get bored with a show I can watch other shows and Netflix is great because all I do is click and back where I left off. My mom just signed up for netflix too. You can also watch or most of these will give you a month free including Netflix. I like Netflix the best. I can still watch, crackle, you tube, etc.. Right now I am the only one that watches TV like this that I know. Honestly, there is not a show that I know of that I am missing that I want to watch. I don't see the difference in having a smart TV. All said if you want to save big you may want to do the math for your area. figure on the cost of cable and then netflix. We don't get the DVD as we found that there is so much to watch with live streaming we didn't have time to watch the DVDs.  Please share this with your family and friends and don't forget to subscribe!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Need to lose weight? Check this out :)

Special Post from guest blogger Teresa Grice . I think you are going to LOVE this.. check out the site and share this with your friends. What a wonderful opportunity for all of us! 

T and M Group is a marketing team consisting of two team members.
We promote and distribute all kinds of products. Ebooks, Software, Membership sites, we also develop and promote mobile apps.
We review products with a thorough and honest review, we also produce our own cooking show on youtube. (tandmllc)
This book "Weight Loss with a Heart" is a combination of years of study and the passion of mine to enable people to become healthier and whole.
I poured my whole being and everything I understand about the body into this book with it condensed down to a simple formula anyone can follow. I hope as you read my book that you will sense my passion for health and wholeness and that you will be able to take away from this ebook a path to healthier lifestyle choices and complete wholeness. –Two additional ebooks included with purchase of “Weight Loss with a Heart”

Thursday, January 17, 2013


 FREE CHRISTIAN TELEVISION 24/7  I love it , right now I am watching Joel Osteen some say he is the new Billy Graham. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour when I was 5 years old. Part of being a savy woman is to stay close to the Lord :)
We ditched the regular cable bill and only watch TV online all the shows are there.. and it is like having a SMART TV ... :) and my bill is only $30 a month instead of 199 for just cable here in New York. Just this morning watched news on FOX.

Click link to watch LIVE